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Our Mission

Engage a generation of men by meeting them where they are.

Empower them to discover their purpose.

Equip them with principles and disciplines for living purpose-driven lives.

"A generation of men living with purpose making a positive impact and experiencing fulfilled lives"




Pursue a Purpose


Discover your life’s purpose, uncover your calling, and find a cause to believe in. Learn to establish a vision and value statement for your life.


Choose to be Proactive


Determine and commit to taking the necessary steps towards bringing your purpose and values to life.  Create a Mission statement for your life.


Guard your thoughts


Understand the thoughts and mindsets that shape your thinking and how to guard against a destructive and unhealthy thought life. Your life will naturally follow in the direction of your strongest thoughts.  Take inventory of your thoughts regarding yourself, your purpose, and others. 


Pursue Forgiveness


Pursue Forgiveness and reconciliation.  Learn the discipline of forgiveness and healthy reconciliation through acknowledging emotional strongholds and injustices in your life.  Take steps towards forgiving and breaking these strongholds in your life.  Holding on to un-forgiveness solves nothing and helps nobody. 


Do Hard Things


Clearly define then discipline yourself to do the necessary hard things that stand in the way of you accomplishing your purpose and calling.  Name and list the challenges, those things that don’t come naturally to you, and purpose to face them one at a time.


Grow in Gratitude


Practice the art of gratitude and humility by recognizing what you DO have and opportunities available to you today.  Create a habit of daily naming and listing what you are grateful for.


Give Gladly


Give Gladly and Received Humbly.  Grow in contentment and influence with others by practicing the art of giving; your time, talents, and resources. Likewise, allow others to grow in this area by receiving humbly and graciously.   


Practice Hospitality


Grow in the art of hospitality by looking for opportunities to make others feel invited, valued, and known.  Purpose to invite others into your life, home, and space.


Seek to Understand


Seek to understand, not just understood.  Practice the discipline of empathic listening by becoming genuinely interested in what others have to say and asking inquisitive questions. 


Let your Integrity be your Defense


Be known as a person of your word; honest, diligent, and consistent.  In so doing you will quickly earn respect and trust from others. 


Weigh your Words


Be mindful of the words you speak towards others and yourself. Purpose to use your words to build up and encourage yourself and others, at the very least do not discourage or tear down.


Seek to add Value


Seek to add value to others.  You must first start by valuing others and recognizing their intrinsic worth.  Then look for how you might add to their value by drawing from your experience, knowledge or skill. 


Defend the Defenseless


Stand up, speak up and act on behalf of those who cannot.  Find a cause that you can champion and join the work.  This cause is usually found at the intersection of your passion and compassion.


Pick Your Battles


Pick your battles wisely. Develop and exercise discernment in knowing how to engage in conflict well. Ask yourself: Do I need to get involved? If so, why, when, and how?


Take responsibility


Take Responsibility for your own thoughts and behaviors.  Recognize that you may not always be responsible for the circumstances in your life but you are ALWAYS responsible (response-able) for how you think about it and respond.  Avoid looking for excuses and shifting blame - look for your own response - ability. 


Learn to Laugh


Look for activities and opportunities that make you laugh, preferably with others.  Laughter is good medicine; for the mind, body and soul. 


Rest & Recharge Regularly


Schedule and prioritize time in your life for rest and participating in activities that are life-giving and energizing to you.


Go for Growth


Choose to be closer to your purpose today than you were yesterday, even if it isincremental.  Learn to be patient with yourself and other.  Progress is the goal not perfection.


Pursue Excellence


Purpose to be excellent in all you do, professionally and personally, through constant and intentional investment in yourself. 


Build Trusting Friendships


Be proactive and intentional in seeking an honest and encouraging community of people - consisting of mentors and peers. 


Be a Gentleman


Develop the finer disciplines and soft skills of propriety; etiquette, personal style and image. You must first know who you are then learn to dress and act accordingly. 

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